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Here is the humble homepage for Alex, Maddie, Hye-ryeon, and Sun-Ki. As you can see it's mostly full of family pictures, as well as some multimedia, descriptions, and even some pointless links. The pictures are roughly in chronological order, dating from our time living in Tucson to our move to Honolulu. Pick from one of the sets below:

June 1996-July 1999

August 1999-July 2000

August 2000-June 2001

July 2001-June 2002

July 2002-December 2002

January 2003-October 2003

Please click through the thumbnail pictures to get full-sized shots. Thumbnails with green-colored descriptions point to video files. A link at the bottom of the page points to addition (!) pictures.

If you are interested in the memorial page for my father, Dr. Hi Chang Chai, you can access via the family home page.