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Welcome to the memorial homepage for my late father, Dr. Hi Chang Chai.

The page currently contains the following sections: information on his personal history, a photo album he put together, highlights from his memorial service, and various miscellaneous items. I will try to include more of photos in a later, revised version of these pages, as well as a short biography.

If you have personal recollections or anecdotes about my father's life, I would appreciate if you would send email to me at, or write to me at the Department of Sociology, University of Hawai`i, Honolulu HI 96822, USA. If you are willing, I will post them on this site. If you have additional interesting pictures of my father, I would like to see them. You can either scan them and email or send them to me by regular mail (I will make copies and send them back to you).

Thanks for visiting!

Sun-Ki Chai

Personal History


1924April 12, Born in Seoul Korea
1943Graduates from Himun High School, Seoul Korea
1943-45Engineer in Japanese Air Force, Kyushu
1946-49Attends Chosun Christian College (Yonhi), Seoul Korea, now part of Yonsei University
1949Leaves for U.S.
1949-53Attends University of Texas
1953Receives B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Texas
1953-57Attends Ohio State University
1955January 28, Marries Alice Yun at Asbury United Methodist Church, Delaware, Ohio
1957Receives Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from OSU
1957-1959Cyclotron Engineer, Robinson Laboratory, Ohio State University
1959Returns to Korea
1959Joins faculty of Construction Engineering Department, Yonsei University, Seoul Korea as Associate Professor
1959-1961Chair, Construction Engineering Department
1961-1963Dean of Physical Sciences and Engineering, Yonsei University
1963Leaves for Hawai`i
February, Joins faculty of Mechanical Engineering Department, University of Hawai'i, as Associate Professor
1969July, Promoted to full professor
1969-1970Sabbatical, Heat Transfer Division, Westinghouse Corporation, Philadelphia
1970-1972Consultant, Heat Exchangers, Heat Transfer Division, Westinghouse Corporation
1972-1976, 1995-1999Chair, Mechanical Engineering Department, University of Hawai`i
1986-1988Consultant, Pressure Steam Turbines, Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion, Hawai`i Natural Energy Institute
1982, 1983, 1986, 1989, 1992Outstanding Faculty Award
1988Summer, Consultant, Heat Exchanger Design, Korea Advanced Institute for Science and Technology, Seoul
1992December, Officially retires and receives emeritus status, but continues to teach
1995January, Begins service again as department chair
1998Creates the Hi Chang Chai Excellence in Teaching Award Endowment Fund at the University of Hawai`i
2001August, Resigns from teaching at Mechanical Engineering Department
October 22, Passes away from cancer

Thanks to the UH College of Engineering for much of the information on his later career.


The University of Hawai`i school newspaper ran side- by-side obituaries of my father, as well as his close friend and colleague, Dr. Deane Kihara, who ironically and tragically passed away on the same day.

Memorial Service

My father's memorial service was held at 10am, on Saturday, October 27, 2001 at Christ United Methodist Church in Honolulu. Here are some highlights:

The Memorial Program

Front Cover

Second Page


Lloyd Hihara

Ryan Sugamoto

Harry K. Lie



Altar Picture


Receiving Line

Thanks again to everyone who attended and/or helped out with the preparations!


Wedding Articles

When my parents were married in Delaware, Ohio in January 1955, it was covered by the local paper, the Delaware Gazette. The articles include nice pictures of my parents in traditional Korean costume and of my mother in her wedding dress. Click below to see them.

First Article

First Article (cont.)

Second Article


My father was famous for his cooking ability. In particular, many people asked him for his kim chee recipe. Feel free to try it out.

Photo Album

Here are links to scanned pages from the photo album that my father put together a few years ago. It is in rough chronological order, with captions under many of the photographs. I have relied primarily on these captions for the text on the links below. You may notice that there are more old pictures than recent ones; this is because my father had not yet organized the more recent pictures into an album. I would appreciate any corrections or additional information you might have about the people and places shown in the photos.

Intro Page, taken from Various Years

Seoul, 1932-41, Childhood and Youth

Seoul, 1935-37, Family

Seoul, 1941, Family

Seoul, 1941, High School

Seoul, 1941, High School Graduation

Seoul and Kyushu, 1943-45, Japanese Military

Seoul, 1946-49, Yonsei University Student Days

Seoul, 1946-49, Student Life

Seoul, 1946-49, The Paiks

Seoul, 1946, 1961, Masquerade Party, Yonsei University Tennis Club

Seoul, 1949, Yonsei University Class Picture

Seoul, 1946-49, University Life

Leaving for United States, 1949

Austin TX, 1949-53, University of Texas

Austin TX, 1949-53, University of Texas Buildings

Austin TX, 1952, Tau Beta Pi

Austin TX, 1949-53, Host Family

Austin TX, 1949-53, Pipe Organ

Austin TX, 1949-53, Acapella Choir

New York, 1950, Summer Job as Busboy

New York, 1950, Methodist Church

New York, 1950, Sister's House

New York, 1950, Friends

Austin TX, 1949-53, Host Family, Wesley Foundation

Austin TX, 1949-53, Piano Teacher

Austin TX, 1949-53, Friends

Austin TX, 1949-53, Lake Buchanan, Friends

Austin TX, 1949-53, Camp Buchanan, Friends

Austin TX, 1949-53, Austin Mental Hospital Volunteer Work

Columbus OH, 1953-59, Ohio State University

Columbus OH, 1953-59, Ohio State University Buildings

Columbus OH, 1953-59, Robinson Laboratory

Columbus OH, 1953-59, Lab and Professors

Columbus OH, 1957, Graduation, Friends and Relatives

Columbus OH, 1953-59, Table Tennis, Friends

Columbus OH, 1953-59, Picnic

Columbus OH, 1953-59, Picnic - Alice Yun

Columbus OH, 1953-59, Alice Yun

Columbus OH, 1954, Engagement Party

Columbus OH, 1954, Engagement Party

Columbus OH, 1955, Wedding

Columbus OH, 1955, Wedding

Columbus OH, 1957, Domestic Life, Wife's Graduation

Columbus OH, 1954, Copper Bessemer Corp.

Going Back to Korea, 1959

Columbus and Seoul, late 50s and early 60s, Friends' Weddings and Family Pictures

Seoul, 1959-63, Yonsei University Faculty Days

Seoul, 1959-63, Lecturing at Yonsei

Seoul, 1959-63, Portraits

Seoul, 1959-63, Friends

Manila, 1961, UNESCO Meeting Delegate

Manila, 1961, UNESCO Meeting

Manila, 1961, Group Photo

Tennessee, 1969, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Tennessee, 1969, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Leaving for Pennsylvania, 1969

Ardmore PA, 1969, Family

Honolulu, 1976, Wife's Parents Visit

Honolulu, 1978, Family and Friends

Honolulu, 1978-82, Family

Seoul, 1988, Wife's Relatives and KAIST

Honolulu, 1990s, Kaloaluiki St. House

Los Angeles and Honolulu, 1980s and 90s, Friends

Honolulu, 1990s, University of Hawaii ME Department

Seoul, 1992, Wife's Relatives